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Are your corporate IT department’s requirements pushing you to upgrade your enterprise asset management (EAM) platform? Or perhaps you need to upgrade because the version that you are using is no longer supported by your software vendor. Regardless of the driving factors for making the decision, there are many benefits that can be gained from Maximo upgrades. We can be there for you every step of the way. We will help you effectively plan and execute your Maximo software upgrade while ensuring that you tap into enhanced functionality that will allow you to contribute more to the bottom line.

What is an Upgrade?
We classify upgrades into three different types of projects based on your scenario.

Technical Upgrade – version 6.2 or later

In this scenario you are running a version of Maximo (currently 6.2 or later) that has a technical upgrade path to the current version. This type of upgrade is relatively straightforward and most changes upgrade without incident. However, up front we will discuss any potential issues (e.g. customizations, integrations, data integrity, etc.) to ensure we provide a plan that can be executed efficiently and minimize your risks.

Technical Upgrade – version 5 or older

In this scenario, there is no solid upgrade path to move to the latest version of Maximo. Therefore, we would provide a pristine current version and move your data, configurations, and customizations into the new environment. For this type of upgrade, many businesses want an opportunity to clean their data or make some change to the screens. Based on our initial conversations with you, we can provide a scope that fits your company’s needs.


Regardless of current version maybe your Maximo environment is not worth upgrading. Maybe the data is inaccurate or lacks integrity. Maybe the screens and associated processes do not work for your organization any more. In this scenario we would treat the upgrade as a re-implementation. We would perform all the steps we normally would for a new client and ensure that (although it is still Maximo) the re-implemented system works for your current business needs.
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