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TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management Systems

IBM acquired TRIRIGA in order to provide a complete solution (coupled with Maximo) for managing all assets and real property. TRIRIGA has long been recognized by industry analysts as the leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems. TRIRIGA solutions are implemented at more than 200 clients in the US. This includes more than one-third of Fortune 100 corporations. TRIRGA is used in every major industry, as well as seven of the 15 federal executive departments of the U.S. government.

What is TRIRIGA?
In short, TRIRIGA helps clients manage their Real Estate assets more effectively. TRIRIGA software assists with strategic decisions regarding space usage, evaluating alternative real estate initiatives, generating higher returns from capital projects, and assessing environmental impact investments. TRIRIGA delivers these capabilities to both commercial and public enterprises.

The TRIRIGA and Maximo products are complementary and support the IBM Smarter Buildings initiative. TRIRIGA and Maximo solutions will combine Enterprise Asset Management and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) to create a comprehensive Smarter Building solution. TRIRIGA capabilities can also enhance Maximo solutions with their capital project management and condition assessment functionality.

Buildings are the second-largest expense on the balance sheet of most companies. Many organizations struggle with visibility into the operations of their real estate portfolio. Today many organizations rely on a variety of solutions from different vendors to address: facilities management, lease management, energy and sustainability management, space and occupancy, and facility-condition assessment. Multiple independent applications make it difficult for departments to share information across the organization. TRIRIGA solves this problem. It can provide a company an enterprise view of the total portfolio of Real Estate assets and related activity much the same way Maximo can provide and enterprise view of a company’s total portfolio of assets.

The upcoming accounting changes to FAS 13 mandate a hard look at why you need to gain visibility into real property assets. Every company, public and private, will be impacted by how they handle leases on their balance sheet. Leases on everything from buildings, cars, and computers will have to be capitalized on a balance sheet. Is your organization prepared to handle this? TRIRIGA’s ability to manage a large portfolio of leases can help ensure your company is in compliance with these upcoming rule changes.

So what are the TRIRIGA solutions?
As mentioned above, TRIRIGA offers solutions across the entire spectrum of IWMS. The easy way to remember the TRIRIGA solutions is the acronym ‘SCORE’: Space Management (Facilities), Capital Planning, Operations Management, Real Estate Management, and Environmental Management. Each of these solutions can be used independent of the others.

TRIRIGA Real Estate allows companies to optimize building use, reduce costs, and better management their lease portfolio. It provides customers enterprise visibility over their entire real estate portfolio. TRIRIGA Real Estate provides a transparent picture of an organization’s strategic and real estate objectives through portfolio plans.

TRIRIGA Projects helps facilities managers manage the capital projects’ schedules; from a time, risk, and budget perspective. It can show you real time planned and committed costs by project. It’s a key tool to ensuring that prioritizing investments in your facilities and ensuring those investments are delivered in a cost effective manner so that your ROI is achieved as planned.

TRIRIGA Facilities Management provides companies with an integrated solution that includes space management. In addition it tracks seating assignments for occupancy planning. It also handles move, add, and change requests, and asset inventories.

TRIRIGA Operations may seem familiar to most Maximo users. TRIRIGA Operations is a solution that manages work requests, planned and preventative maintenance, self service requests all of the functions you would expect to find in a CMMS system.

TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (TREES) provides managers the ability to track and manage energy use and environmental performance in the deep level of detail they need to make informed business decisions around energy for their company. It also is an effective tool to ensure compliance with energy regulations such has managing their carbon footprint or greenhouse emissions.

So how can Aquitas help me learn more about the benefits of TRIRIGA solutions?
The robust solutions TRIRIGA is bringing to facilities managers is exciting. While Maximo often helps customers in their day to day operations, the TRIRIGA solution will help with more strategic planning and oversight. This will allow today’s Maximo users to take their capabilities to an all new level.

Aquitas is standing by to help you with any of your TRIRIGA software or implementation questions; ask us how.

Maximo and TRIRIGA Product Strategy
As they did with the MRO Software acquisition, IBM will continue to invest heavily in building out the TRIRIGA solution. For the next year, TRIRIGA and Maximo will continue with be sold as separate but complimentary products. Maximo and TRIRIGA can integrate effectively so that today’s Maximo user does have the ability to take advantage of TRIRIGA’s functionality. In fact, IBM plans on release a TRIRGA 10 version in the coming months. It should be noted that Maximo and TRIRIGA can be integrated. You can take advantage of the TRIRIGA products with your Maximo instance today. Maximo users should take a look at TRIRIGA’s Project and Real Estates solutions to build more robust Asset Management capabilities within their organization.

Longer term (2013), Maximo and TRIRIGA capabilities will ultimately converge into a single platform. IBM is planning to take advantage of the best features from both products. Both products are technically similar in many ways today. Both are J2EE Java-based and web-architected. They also use the same approach to use of meta-data that preserves configuration data. The converged product will have a common architecture, one underlying database, and one business process automation engine. The converged product will offer customers the Maximo capabilities combined with the breadth of the TRIRIGA IWMS capabilities into a single solution. The solutions will be very similar to the way Maximo industry solutions and Add-ons are used today to add specific functionality. A customer will be able to select the Maximo or TRIRIGA functionality they needs to build the enterprise solution that is best for their company’s needs.

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