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Today’s colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever before. As funding challenges continue to escalate, many campus leaders are looking at how to use the latest tools and technologies to streamline operations. But what’s the best way to cut costs and still deliver highquality services for students, faculty and staff? Introducing Smarter Campus software by Aquitas Solutions, an integrated control center that enables fast, efficient management of campus operations. It brings together critical information from today’s departmental silos and applies a layer of advanced monitoring, analytics and workflow technologies. Built upon a next-generation platform from IBM, the Smarter Campus solution helps campus officials collaborate quickly on a wide range of issues—and make the most of limited budgets—to build sustainable, high-quality services that will last for generations.

The Smarter Campus solution is an extension to IBM® Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities®—since, after all, campuses are like small cities. Intelligent Operations Center offers integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration and deep analytics to help institutions address potential problems before they can occur. It enables campus officials to:

• Monitor a single, integrated view of all campus operations, events and services
• Transform raw data collected across campus into actionable insights
• Integrate resources to make sure assets are available, well maintained and ready for use
• Facilitate communication and collaboration across departments via a web-based portal
• Use predictive analytics to spot trends and minimize the impact of disruptions

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Create a campus environment that exceeds expectations
With end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics, the Smarter Campus solution enables colleges and universities to stay a step ahead of potential
issues and coordinate resources for rapid, integrated responses. Campus officials will now have centralized control of:

Buildings and data centers: Optimize energy use across campus by collecting and analyzing data from disparate building control systems, and integrate with asset and work management systems to quickly address energy issues.

Campus safety and first response: Get an integrated view of crime information, video surveillance and cyber security; when an incident or warning occurs, coordinate with first responders by providing up-to-date building and campus infrastructure information.

Stadiums, venues and events: Integrate management of a wide range of stadium assets— from entry gates, to point-of-sale systems, to surveillance cameras and more—to accelerate and coordinate problem response, crowd control and public safety efforts.

Utilities: Automatically detect water leaks, predict maintenance issues, optimize work orders and manage the campus-wide use of utilities from a central point of control.

Transportation and parking: Use data analytics to predict traffic flow, optimize routes for emergency evacuations, and effectively plan and coordinate road maintenance— minimizing the potential disruption to related activities on campus.

Grounds and water conservation: Leverage in-ground sensors to audit and control water use, implement conservation measures, and demonstrate compliance with sustainability initiatives.

Risk management: Increase transparency and collaboration across campus by identifying opportunities to manage operational risks and improve performance across the campus environment.

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