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Your workers are mobile, why shouldn’t Maximo be?
Maximo mobile solutions are built from the ground up with open standards– based technology, including XML and Java™, making configuration, deployment, management and integration with other applications easier. By supporting multiple devices and various communication methods, the products enable mobile workers to work remotely and with the communication methods available in their work environment.

Which IBM mobile solution is right for you?
Maximo Everyplace is a connected-only solution that is now included with Maximo 7.6! With Maximo Everyplace, users have the ability to access any available licensed functionality within Maximo via supported mobile devices and smartphones.

Maximo Everyplace enables you to:

  • Increase accuracy of data by allowing users to enter information while it’s fresh in their minds.

  • Access Maximo without installing anything on your mobile devices.

  • Configure IBM Maximo applications for optimal viewing on a small, mobile screen using the Maximo Application Designer.

Maximo Anywhere allows users to access Maximo in both connected and disconnected environments. Maximo Anywhere, an add-on set of “purpose-built” mobile applications, runs on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The flexibility provided from Maximo Anywhere gives maintenance technicians and supporting staff members access to the work order data that is most relevant to completing their tasks. Users can review task details, report labor actuals and tool or material usage, and maintain the work log. Depending on how the app is configured, users can also view a map of their work orders and obtain directions to work order locations. The app supports bar code scanning and voice recognition. Mobile workers can view and change the current classification of a work order. Users can also access the list of specification attributes that are associated with that classification. These attributes provide a value field that can be edited.

Maximo Anywhere includes the following mobile apps:
IBM Maximo Anywhere Asset Audit app   IBM Maximo Anywhere Asset Data Manager app   IBM Maximo Anywhere Inspection app  
IBM Maximo Anywhere Issues and Returns app   IBM Maximo Anywhere Physical Count app   IBM Maximo Anywhere Service Request app  
IBM Maximo Anywhere Transfers and Receiving app   IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Approval app   IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Execution app  


SCHAD for Mobile SCADA & IBM Maximo

Aquitas has recently partnered with SCHAD, a leading specialist in mobilizing the Industrial Internet of Things. As enterprises seek new ways of using mobile technology to maintain their assets, SCHAD Mobile Work Management offers IBM Maximo users the ultimate mobile solution for maintenance of automated equipment.

In a single workflow, teams using Mobile SCADA for Maximo can respond to live, filtered alarm notifications from SCADA in real-time, within seconds of a fault occurring, while completing preventive maintenance Work Orders generated by Maximo. This is achieved using any mobile device, without the need to complete an activity or exit and re-enter a different application.

Learn more about SCHAD for IBM Maximo:

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Mobile Considerations
There are many options 3rd party mobility options available to Maximo customers, but here is why IBM’s native mobile applications deliver an optimum mobile experience:

1. Although Maximo provides a very open platform for customers and vendors to develop their own custom app, nobody understands Maximo’s platform better than IBM. IBM knows how and which APIs will provide the optimal data set for a given task. Nobody knows the EAM product like the EAM vendor.

2. IBM’s Maximo Mobile Apps are supported by…IBM. IBM has far more resources to handle issues and provide continued development of the product line than does a 3rd party consulting firm or your internal IT department, regardless of their high level of skill. Why risk your deployment on a “one hit wonder”.

3. IBM’s Maximo Mobile apps are supported by the Developing apps that can tolerate disruptions in connectivity through an offline mode is not something anyone but the software vendor is likely to pull off very successfully. In addition, IBM’s Maximo Mobile apps leverage Maximo’s inherent security capabilities.

4. When considering 3rd party mobile solutions, care needs to be taken to ensure the proper IBM Maximo licensing is in place.

Whitepaper: Empower your mobile workforce with IBM Maximo Anywhere

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