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Our real-world experience includes energy management, facility operations and space management. The Aquitas Smarter Building Solution, helps clients reduce energy expenses, increase occupant satisfaction and safety, optimize space, lower operating costs and improve asset management. Bottom line: It will reduce your energy bill and save you real dollars.

Whether you are an energy manager monitoring and evaluating the efficiency of energy investments, a building engineer managing preventive maintenance and service requests, or an executive requiring oversight of a building portfolio’s operational performance, Aquitas Solutions can help you achieve your goals. Our solution leverages SkyFoundry’s SkySpark platform, enabling clients to collect real-time data from their current building systems and other asset management solutions into a centralized, configurable dashboard.

Why is a Solution Necessary?
Facilities Managers and Public Works professionals around the world are under increasing pressure to provide a well-maintained building, while responding to increased fiscal pressures and increasing regulatory requirements. In order to better manage their building and equipment, these professionals need to understand:

  • What is the overall condition of my building infrastructure?

  • Where should I focus my efforts to reduce energy and operating costs?

  • Am I in compliance with environmental regulations?

  • How can I communicate critical facilities information between departments?

  • Am I meeting health, safety and environmental standards?

  • Are all my building systems working in concert together?

Many of the tools needed to gather this information are already in place. Buildings are no longer just concrete, steel and glass structures. They are complex assets. Most new buildings have a Building Management Systems (BMS) to control temperature, monitor security, control lighting and monitor the fire detection and suppression systems.

However, these BMS systems are not connected and don’t share information. Different BMS manufacturers have designed their tools to use different programming languages to monitor their systems. Perhaps the most daunting challenge is the massive volume of data these systems generate. The challenge is taking all this data from multiple systems or even the same system and turning it into actionable solutions. That’s where we can help.

The Benefits of the Aquitas Smarter Buildings Solution:
  • More reliable building performance through real-time monitoring

  • Use historical information to gain insight to potential problem areas

  • Enterprise views of building status for improved user awareness and decision support

  • Improved facilities and operations efficiency – move from reactive or preventive to a proactive model of maintenance

  • Integrated energy, asset, and work order management – Maximo, TRIRIGA or other facilities management solutions

  • Transform operational data into actionable issues with minimal intervention

Aquitas’ Smarter Building Solution provides real-time data gathering and analysis capability empowers building managers to address service issues proactively. It also allows managers to visualize energy, environmental and portfolio performance metrics for their floor space. Our solution also improves a facilities manager’s ability to manage heating, air conditioning and power consumption to lower costs and emissions. From an equipment maintenance standpoint, our solution improves your ability to conduct predictive maintenance to prevent future costly breakdowns.

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