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Aquitas Solutions: Implementation and Consulting Services
In today’s economic climate, organizations need to get the full value out of every investment. IBM Asset Management and Smarter Infrastructure solutions are designed to help optimize asset performance, control costs, improve safety and compliance, and create a competitive advantage for you. At Aquitas Solutions we bring a simple, cost-effective way to ensure a successful deployment— one that will meet the unique needs of your organization. With services from Aquitas Solutions, your organization can count on expert consultants—at competitive rates—to design, build, test and deploy critical solutions that deliver maximum value in the shortest possible time. Leveraging extensive real-world experience, our consultants work closely with your staff to design and configure solutions that support your specific goals, require minimal maintenance and can be easily tailored and upgraded to meet your future needs.

Build smarter operations with proven best practices
From oil and gas companies to government agencies, manufacturers to universities, Aquitas Solutions has worked with clients across a diverse range of industries to deliver significant value and a solid return on investment. We take extreme pride in the fact that each and every one of our solution deployments has resulted in a positive reference. Our best practices are based on deep product knowledge, implementation experience and proven methodologies, and we use this expertise to solve unique challenges for our customers.

Going beyond ordinary methodology, consulting services from Aquitas Solutions are tailored to meet the functional and technical requirements of your specific environment. Our consultants can help you:

  • Streamline processes and information access to help your employees work more efficiently

  • Collect and present the right information in the right format to help your managers make better, faster decisions

  • Simplify technology decisions by ensuring the solution is easy to support and upgrade

  • Complete a multi-phase, multiple-site implementation on time and on budget

In fact, our ADEO (Appraise, Define, Execute, Operate) methodology is continuously fine-tuned to meet your needs, from the initial appraisal, through program definition, execution and go-live operations.

Our focus is simple; we make the end user’s job easier while ensuring that you collect the right information to make informed and timely business decisions. Aquitas Solutions’ services have been leveraged by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations all over the world.

We have fine-tuned our approach over many years of cross-industry experience. And our seasoned consultants have provided past clients with a number of different services, from new installation and upgrades to configuration, integration and training. No matter what your need, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to implement the right solution for your most pressing business demands, on time and on budget.

Leverage Our Team and Industry Best Practices to Deliver Operational Excellence
Leading organizations call on us because we have the right solutions, experience and people to deliver the results you need and expect.

People: We can be an extension of your core team and will work with you to outline and define how the solution will benefit the entire organization. Our industry experienced consultants will help you achieve absolute user adoption, and will leverage our expertise to ensure that the solution simplifies the job at hand.

Process: The IBM Software Solutions are flexible, and we can tailor them to your needs by identifying and defining the processes that are effective for your business today. Through our extensive experience, we’ve likely faced your business challenges before and we will work with you to ensure the solution makes your team’s job easier while providing the data necessary to make informed and timely business decisions.

Technology: Our IBM Certified Consultants know the technology, have extensive technical experience, and can help deliver results for your employees and customers. From assessments and implementation services to upgrades, integration and training, our team will be there with you every step of the way.

Data: In order to ensure that the precise data you need is there when you need it; we will identify, streamline and normalize your content together. Our specialists can help make sure that your data quality meets system functionality requirements, exceeds industry standards, and contributes to achieving your goal of operational excellence.

Aquitas Solutions offers a wide variety of consulting services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Project Management and Planning
Our Business Solutions team boasts unparalleled project management experience. Their clear methodology and hands-on experience allow them to execute a highly-structured and proven plan that is always tailored to the needs of our clients. Our team will provide regular feedback to key stakeholders, offer a project plan that fits your unique deliverables, and ensure that all of the project objectives are met. We are confident you will find our project managers to have unparalleled attention to detail and the highest level of pride in their work. Partner with us to ensure that your project is not only completed on time and on budget, but also meets all of the expected deployment goals.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Our Business Solutions team will take a hard look at the goals and business processes in all of your critical areas and recommend very specific metrics for which you can track and monitor progress. From those metrics we will work with you to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that would be available from product dashboards and through reports so everyone can focus on what’s required of them, and ultimately be driving towards a common set of goals. These KPIs also give you the ability to benchmark your results against other company sites or industry and regulatory metrics. Our proven methodology will help you align your organization to the overall company goals.

Implementation Assessments
Our team is there for you from pre-project planning through go-live and follow on support. During this critical early phase of the project, we will review your current requirements, help map out your processes, and ultimately create an efficient implementation plan that will deliver results. This first phase of the project sets the foundation by identifying your business objectives, understanding the technical environment that the solution will operate in, and providing baseline product knowledge to the core project team. We will work with your data and business objectives to develop detailed functional requirements, map out your implementation budget and schedule, assist in securing senior management endorsement and ultimately launch the project. We know your industry and understand the technology. We can help you establish the standards, and measurements for success, before you make a sizable investment.

Best Practices
Aquitas Solutions will work with you every step of the way. We will be your partner in success, making sure the team is fully equipped and all best practices are clearly documented, readily available, easily monitored and made a part of your everyday regular routine. Aquitas Solutions has deep industry experience and will partner with you to help meet all of your best practices goals – regardless of whether they are internal, industry or regulatory best practices. With Aquitas Solutions, a Best Practices Implementation is all but guaranteed.

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  • Upgrades: Transition to the latest version of an IBM product from an older version of that solution or a completely different solution. Aquitas can help perform data analysis, migration, configuration, integration and training within a phased implementation, helping ensure smooth migrations with minimal effort, in the shortest possible time.
  • Integration: Our consultants leverage existing IBM and industry integration frameworks to insure your critical systems are seamlessly working together. Integration shouldn’t be scary or costly – and it is critical to insuring the correct information is where you need it, when you need it and eliminates costly double entry. Whether it’s integrating with an existing ERP/financial system, timekeeping system, PLCs and sensors, building management systems and more, Aquitas Solutions consultants have delivered successful integrations for our customers.
  • Training: Our team will provide training services that meet current and future requirements, helping end users successfully use the product and deliver faster time to benefit. Aquitas Solutions offers training solutions to meet your needs, whether it is off-the-shelf training, one-on-one coaching, custom end-user training, or developing a train-the-trainer program for you to take ownership of and deliver over time.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Aquitas Solutions provides top-down implementation and business process services including report development consulting that deliver critical information to help you make more informed, timely business decisions. Our seasoned consultants have cross-industry exposure, decades of experience and are experts in the design and development of reports using Actuate, BIRT, Cognos, SPSS, KPIs and more.
  • Mobile Solutions: Utilize the latest mobile technologies (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) to deliver your employees, customers, partners and vendors with access to information virtually anytime, anywhere. Aquitas Solutions provides support and implementation services for IBM and other third party mobility solutions.
  • Hosting Services: Aquitas solutions can provide both in-house and hosted deployments of all our solutions. We partner with IBM and others to deliver a hosting environment that is safe, secure and always-on. As internal IT budgets continue to shrink, many companies are looking to deploy IBM solutions as part of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, and Aquitas Solutions is ready to deliver.
  • Product Support: Our dedicated support team leverages the experience of our entire consulting organization, which averages more than 10+ years of implementation experience across multiple industries and product versions. Our team will provide direct product support to quickly resolve your issues, but can also engage IBM on your behalf when an issue requires escalation. We provide a highly personalized level of support and are excited to work with you. New support tickets can be entered via our online form or directly by phone.
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