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Maximo EAM Upgrade & Implementation Assessments

Our team is there for you from pre-project planning through go live and follow on support. We will help you map out your requirements, review your current processes and ultimately create an efficient implementation plan. We know your industry and understand the technology. Let us work with you to help set the standards before you make a sizable investment. We will work with your actual data and business needs to develop your functionality requirements, map out your implementation budget and schedule, assist in securing senior management endorsement and ultimately launch the project. With countless years of Maximo maintenance experience, our team will help you define your goals, and make sure that the solution you select maps to these specific goals. Work with us to ensure that your Maximo EAM solution meets your unique requirements.

Aquitas Solutions’ Maximo EAM Assessment Process
This first phase of the project sets the foundation by identifying your business objectives, understanding the technical environment that the Maximo EAM will operate in, and providing basic product knowledge to the core project team. The critical goals of this phase are:

  • Organize and assemble the core project team

  • Identification and planning of the technical and infrastructure environment

  • Installation and tuning of critical hardware and software

  • Product orientation and training for core team members

  • Maximo EAM implementation preparation

Aquitas Solutions is a leading Maximo EAM consulting company specializing in installing, configuring, upgrading, and training on the Maximo software solution. Work with us as partners to implement the Maximo Asset Management solution and unlock the best practices used across multiple industries. Leverage our extensive hands on experience and put our IBM Certified Consultants to work for you.

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